Interesting Facts About Vastu Gardening You Need To Know In 2017

Did you know plants can bring fortune as well as bad Luck!

Here are some Vastu tips of Gardening for your sweet home.

Trees and plants are extremely important for environment we all know this but the fact most of us are ignorant about is that plants are even more important in human life when it comes to Astrology or Vastu Shastra as they are capable of affecting our energies and surroundings.


They can subside the negativity around us. In fact, in Indian culture and globally in various communities and religions trees and plants are given place of gods & they are worshiped.

In Astrology for each zodiac signs various trees are assigned & it is recommended to plant trees as per the zodiac sign. This helps in eliminating hindrance from horoscope and life and brings in success & prosperity.

Here are some important and interesting facts that Jyotish Guru Master Deepak Ji tells about gardening and planting trees as per Vastu Shastra in your house –

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Magical Power Of Colors In Vastu Shastra


Colors play very important role in Vastushastra. Jyotish Guru Master Deepak Ji is of the view that colors influence our mind, soul and heart. Colors also have the capacity to bring in positivity or negativity in our lives.

Colors affect various domains of our life – world, food, clothing, the living place, transportation, education and recreation. Colors also can harmonize and balance our energy and thus improve our life and destiny. Out of the balance and harmonizing of positive and negative forces arises energy; the most essential feature of life and human energy is greatly affected by color. Colors play a vital role in influencing Vastu Shastra to a greater extent.


Vastu shastra has set a basic rules about colors following these basics of colors in your home or office will keep you prosperous and positive says Master Deepak Ji.

Firstly you should know the meanings of colors as per…

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Discover What Will Happen In your Life




Soothsaying is seen by some as useless, however Master Deepak Jiis a very much eminent crystal gazer that is enthusiastic about helping other people. He has invested years considering Astrology, Vastu and more since he trusts that others can profit by his capacities and interests and we?ve made this site to help you find the solutions you require.

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What Others Say About Master Deepak Ji

Surveys can be found on numerous sites and discussions. While these can be useful, it?s imperative to recollect that assessing an item is vastly different than assessing an administration. Surveys…

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Food Astrology – Improve Your Health And Future By Eating Right

Have you ever thought, what could be the secret behind the astrological remedies and how could it affect an individual’s life. The science of astrology gives various remedies for heath related problems. Astrology also states a remedy for diseases, disputes and thereby troubles in life.

Master Deepak Ji steps forward to let you know about the astrological remedies that can help you lead a healthy life. As per astrology, each sign is ruled by Earth, Water, Fire and Air, like we say each sign has its colours, numbers, days and planets that are either favorable or unfavourable. Similarly, each sign reflects the food that should be eaten or not.

As per, Vedic Astrologer Master Deepak Ji understanding your strengths and weaknesses regarding food through Astrology can help you select healthy eating plans and in exchange get a better health and a brighter future.


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Swastika – The Pious Symbol – Vedic Astrology

Swastika : The Pious Symbol

Swastik depicts numerous meanings in various religions & cultures. Swastik is the sign known & accepted globally for its piousness. In Hinduism, Swastika means ‘fortune’. It is a symbol of peace & prosperity, Swastika is regarded highly auspicious in Hindu mythology, astrology and proves its significance in vastu shastra as well. The symbol is used in almost all Hindu worships & is made on doors, entrance books etc during auspicious occasions. Not only in Hindus but similar shapes like Swastik hold their importance in many religions & cultures.Have you ever thought why this symbol is so auspicious to us, how Swastik benefits us and brings us fortune?

History of Swastika Symbol

Archaeological records show the Swastika symbols in various cultures and civilizations. This include Indo-Aryan, Indus Valley Civilization, Slavs, Greeks and Celts. Swastika motifs were there is neolithic period. Khuzestan province of Iran and “Vinca script of Neolithic Europe showed the presence of Swastika symbols. Also it was found in the archaeological surveys on in Early Bronze age and Iron age. But it is the Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism, Shamanism and Mithraism where the Swastika symbol became a sacred symbol.

Swastika Significance in Hinduism

Swastika symbol is substantial for Hindus. If you have experienced then not even a single work of their life begins without Swastika symbol on it. Right and left Swastika symbol in Hinduism has different meaning. The right one is the evolution of the universe and the left one is the involution of the universe. Swastika symbol also represents the God Sun. Almost all Hindu yantra like shree yantra, accessories and religious designs has Swastika symbol on them. Even the auspicious occasions, temples, pictures, sacred signs, houses, doorways, ceremonies have the Swastik symbol on them.

Here, is what Master Deepak ji tells us why we should regard Swastik. Swastik stands out in our Cultural & religious beliefs because of its incredibly insightful philosophical depth involved in the symbol. So, come let us know what Jyotish Guru Master Deepak ji says about this pious symbol of Hinduism. Continue reading “Swastika – The Pious Symbol – Vedic Astrology”