Magical Power Of Colors In Vastu Shastra

Colors play very important role in Vastushastra. Jyotish Guru Master Deepak Ji is of the view that colors influence our mind, soul and heart. Colors also have the capacity to bring in positivity or negativity in our lives.

Colors affect various domains of our life – world, food, clothing, the living place, transportation, education and recreation. Colors also can harmonize and balance our energy and thus improve our life and destiny. Out of the balance and harmonizing of positive and negative forces arises energy; the most essential feature of life and human energy is greatly affected by color. Colors play a vital role in influencing Vastu Shastra to a greater extent.

Vastu shastra has set a basic rules about colors following these basics of colors in your home or office will keep you prosperous and positive says Master Deepak Ji.

Firstly you should know the meanings of colors as per…

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